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FCO International Inc. was found in 2018 at Cebu, the Philippines. The Philippines is the root of Fangs Group and started to invest in 1991. FCO has become the largest invested factory with more than 10 million USD invested. FCO is the future factory for Fangs Group, equipped with branded new automatic machines and solar panel roofs. This will ensure Fangs Group can stay its edges in this competitive handbag business. 

FCO has become the model factory from very beginning. FCO works with school and local government to provide more job opportunities. The factory has brought a postitive manafactuing energy. Second part of the factory will be completed by March, 2020. It will add another 1,200 - 1,500 production workers, 24 production lines for additional 1.4M-1.6M pcs capacity monthly.

Production Unit

Production Line: 28 lines and expect to expand more

Employee: 1,500 production workers continue hiring

Month Production Capacity:1.6m-2m pieces



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