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Edges 1

Direct procurement with the Factory

Edges 2

Designing and developing ability

Minimize and erase any possible miscommunications.

Provides faster and more efficient daily work process.

More direct control on the cost and quality.

With over 150 employees with many years of handbag experience providing the most innovated and precise development. 

Our Design and Development team will provide the most professional consultant for customers who lack ideas for making bags. 



Edges 3

Quality Insistent

With over 200 quality control personnel from all production units, we would be able to emphasize on each details of the products to ensure smooth production throughout. We will make sure to provide the perfect condition of each bag to the client.

All quality control personnel obey with the quality control processing, and dissatisfied products will never reach to the clients. 

Edges 4

Flexible Production Planning

With three different production units, we can provide clients with better lead time and services.

With three different production units, we can provide clients with better lead time and services.


Edges 5

Healthy Financial Background

Edges 6

Motivations and desires to grow

Great financial background helps strengthen the purchasing ability worldwide.

Great cash flow helps the corporate to grow steps by steps.

All employee has the motivations for desiring growth, and this will motivates everyone to do better on the daily routine job.

Since 2013, the corporate has at least 20 percent of revenues growth each year.


Edges 7

Direct Cooperation with International Well-Known Brands

More than 90 percent of business comes from direct procurement with international brands.

Familiar with the entire international trade and the essence of cooperating with international brands.


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