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Since 1984, Fangs has been in the handbags business for over thirty years. It started with all labor-based manufacturing to now mainly automated machine-based manufacture. We unceasingly insist the originality and outstanding product quality as the foundation. We take account of the unique value of each employee and build a big family concept. Mission, Vision and core value is what motivates the company moving forward and being competitive. 

Fangs takes quality, innovation, efficiency and service as our four core basic values. These create clients’ value as our mission. We aim to become the guidepost enterprise in handbag industry.

For quality, we constantly give additions from our quality control team. Through master in the handbag manufacturing processes and highly professional material control, we continuously practice quality perfection as our motto to ensure excellent quality products can be manufactured.  

For Innovation, we invest in various kinds of newly innovated machines. We use innovated thinking to do research, development and production, and continuously input multi-ideas to be the model of the industry.

For efficiency, due to the various innovated machines, IE department can use new thinking to arrange production lines, and this has also increased the production efficiency. 

For service, we take priority in creating clients’ value, use high efficiency and flexible service to complete clients’ expectation and build great partnership with each other.



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