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Fangs with over 30 years of production experiences, using skilled techniques with automated machines, directly and indirectly manufactures various kinds of handbags for international brands. We are familiar with all kinds of basic and special materials to match clients’ design and develop on-season unique handbags.

Our products export to various places worldwide, and our three factories can produce many kinds of bags as follows,

Fashionable bagsOutdoor travel bagsSoft luggage and wheelieAny kinds of soft carrying bags




Development and Design
Materials purchasing and products producing
Development and Design

Research for new kinds of fabric

We provide specialized team to serve clients in searching and developing the suitable fabric in accordance with the brands character. Besides cooperating with big fabric factories to innovate new kinds of fabrics, the factory will also be able to reach to the main and secondary markets nearby to find the most current fashion trend and information.

Secondary Material development and open modes

Per clients’ needs and design, the vendors produce and develop different functional accessories, plastic buckles, webbings, zippers to match up with the branded logo to elevate the whole brand value. We have also the newest techniques of screen print, embroidery, heat seal, debossing satisfy the needs of each brand designs.

Designing Bags and input with comments

Based on clients’ design concepts, Fangs R&D team will help to achieve desired spec and artwork. Our R&D team members are with 20+ years’ experience in handbags. The team will assist in making mock samples before making actual samples to ensure we can provide the best quality products to our clients. 

Supply Chain Selection

Based on the products need, we will select various outstanding material vendors at the developing stage. We will take into consideration of their quality, lead time and pricing, and select the best fitted vendors to provide samples. We will keep the suitable ones and replace the unsuitable ones with new vendors until we find the best fitted materials.

Mass Production

Fangs values quality and client’s service, with productions emphasize on efficiency and even more on the quality. We continuously invest in new automated machines to reduce the production procedures and increase the production capacity, at the same time still maintain the consistency of the product’s quality. We also have our unique bar code and computing system to calculate the production efficiency and labor costs, in order to ensure client’s right while promoting employee’s benefits.

Inspection and Testing

All production lines are assigned with on-line and finished-line QC, and QA will examine the finished products using the standard AQL procedure before shipping out. We will make sure each finished product meets the client’s expectation. Each factory of Fangs has equipped with a Testing Lab, and all orders have to go through the self-physical testing on site to ensure all package function and usage meets the requirement.

Materials purchasing
Manufactured origins and logistics
manufactured origins

Asia Production Lines

In China, we have the main factory and secondary factory. The main factory, located in Guangdong province, has not only production lines but also serve as the operation center of the corporate. It includes our R&D center, procurement, manufacture, and logistics related equipment. The secondary factory, located in Jianxi province, is the main production center. Recent years we have also progressively invested and built factories in southeast Asia, both Myanmar and the Philippines. These two factories can provide clients with choices of different manufactured locations to obtain preferential import duties.

Logistics Service

Based on client’s needs, we will arrange to export and deliver the products from its original manufactured places to clients worldwide. This will minimize the client’s high cost on warehouse and labor cost.


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