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Why US?

At Fangs, we believe talented people is the foundation of the enterprise. With over 4,000 employees worldwide, Fangs is a place with great diversity. Whether its in geographical, cultural, or environmental backgrounds, all employees can have the warm feeling of being at home. In this diversified home, it can help to bring us more diversified ideas and perspectives. All employees will then be able to reach their greatest potential in their own fields.

We continue to work hard to provide bigger stage for talented individuals from all fields. Because of you, we can continue to improve. Because of you, we can see what we are lacking. Because of you, we can welcome a brighter future. We are looking forward to march forward to the world! 

Career Planning

No matter what backgrounds you come from, as long as you have passion and willing to strive, we will be more than happy to welcome you into our big family We will help you to discover the most suitable career plan.



Welcome New Employees

  • Placing each employee to the most suitable department according to their interest, experience and needs 

  • General CourseLead and provide employees with all required and common knowledge.

  • Practice CourseLead the new employees to excel in their fields starting from scratch. 

Experienced Sharing

  • Pass On Experience: Senior employees will pass on their different experiences through relaxed conversation classes.

  • Pair Up with Rookie: Each newcomer will team up with an experienced employee from the same department. 

On-the-Job Training
  • Upgrading learning: Through different lectures and real practices, employees can absorb new knowledge and innovated ideas.

  • Multi-department Learning: Employees can participate in different departments learning to build up a secondary skill.

Management Training
  • Management College Courses: Provides the opportunity to study in the management college, in order to learn all the necessary management knowledge.

  • Experiences sharing: The CEO will gather all managers on a regular basis, so that everyone can discuss self-management experiences and examples. 

The Happiness Life

Unlimited Learning Experience

We deeply believe that learning is a never-ending journey. Besides its own field, the company will assist all employees to build up secondary skill or many more skills.

Happy Working Environment

For the past thirty years, we always strive to create a happy working environment. Happy workers will not only bring higher efficiency, but also bring up the cohesiveness of the workers. From various perspectives, we make sure all employees come to work and go back home happily.

Bonus System

All departments have their own unique bonus system. Employees are not only paid for solely salaries, but also work their way up in order to receive more benefits.

In and Out-of-the Country Travel

In order to show the appreciation of all employees’ hard work, the company held many in and out-of-the country travel events every year. Employees will look for the next traveling event while working hard everyday.

Sharing System

All employees share together from the profits that company earned for the year, and this has ben the business concept of the company. The company has many ways in sharing with the employees.

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How To Join US?

Please forward your valuable experiences and resumes to us through email! We are looking forward to work with you! 



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