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Fangs has long been working in promoting the social responsibilities. We believe the key to the business management is to continuously create values, to make the world a better place. We expect to contribute to the society in many ways through our own strength. 

Fangs has been working on afforestation and conservation by using recycled materials and human resources from all areas. We use core business strength to meet our social engagements, to build the sustainable use of the world, and to build a better future for the next generations. 

The Earth provides us with many great resources, and human needs to use its own power to maintain its sustainability of the environment. As for the afforestation and conservation, we strive to conserve energy to reduce carbon emission through different methods and guide the society to understand the importance of our resources. This will help build a better environment and practice the concept of loving our one and only Earth.

Many chemical resources are harmful for the human and Earth. Therefore, Fangs insists using safe and harmless materials to manufacture the products. All materials meet the international safety standard, and at the same time we also require our partnered vendors to meet the same requirement as well. We will evaluate our vendors to ensure the safety and harmless of all its materials through various testing. 

People is the important fundamental of management sustainability.  Therefore, long-lasting cultivation of talented people and earnest care of employee’s needs is the central force to keep us together. By building the kindergarten is not only a great way for employees to put more effort into the jobs without worrying the kids, but also strengthen our next generation by providing great education. 

We always have the belief to make the world a better place. This can only be done if everyone does their social responsibilities in one’s field and use one’s own strength to make positive influence to the society. With this we can bring a better future to our world cohesively. 



Conserving energy to reduce carbon emission and ecosystem conservation has always been a big concern part for Fangs. With it being the core concept of the company and the power of organization and regulations, all our employees and management teams can implement the importance of environmental protection.

To strength the environmental-friendly concept, we start the project on conserving energy and reducing carbon emission. We set up a long-term goal and practice it actively and try to make our environment a sustainable one for our future generation. This will also make us competitive with one another. 

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Conserve energy and electricity

All factories use LED environmental-friendly light bulbs and implement central air conditioning system with frequency control.

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Vegetarian Wednesday

The carbon emission of the meat is three times greater than the vegetables. All Fangs employees eat only vegetables each Wednesday to help reducing the emission of CO2. We will fight against global warming altogether.

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Recycle and reuse

All factories implement garbage classification to reduce energy consumption and air/water pollution. 

Afforestation and conservation

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We ask the employees to reduce the usage of papers and planting trees. To date, Fangs have helped local area planting over 300 trees each year and have fulfilled our obligation to the environmental protection.

Environmental protection is the main goal for everyone in the world. Fangs will lead our employees, by concept and action, to put more effort to take care of our only planet Earth.




Lowering down the possible pollutions from manufacturing is essential for achieving the social responsibility. Fangs insists in not using harmful materials will help to lead to positive impacts on living together with the environment. 

  • All materials used on our products are 6P FREE and tested by ITS and SGS to ensure its safety. This will also elevate the friendly level for our products with the environment. 

  • All manufacturing processes are with no harmful substances. This will provide our employees a better and healthier working environment.

  • To monitor strictly our suppliers from using harmful substances and work together to elevate our responsibility for the environment.


Due to global warming crisis, we insist to have multiple actions to bring attentions from all channels.  We want to erase our manufacturing to bring any possible damage to the environment. This will bring benefit to all our customers and the Earth.




Talented is treasured by Fangs. We care about each employee and their families. Besides proving excellent working and living environment, we also set up a kindergarten and after school classes for employee’s kids. This will help our employees can use their talented on the job without worrying about their kids.

First Smart Kindergarten

Till now, there are more than 500 kids are educated in First Smart Kindergarten. We provide excellent educational environment for kids’ growth. 

Excellent Insurance and Benefit system

we provide all social insurances and help to coordinate group insurance and full body check for our employees’ families. 

Provide excellent livings and dining

we worked with catering company to provide good dining and equipped with excellent dormitory rooms for our employees.

Employee Training planning

all newcomers will have own training program. Our company also provides different training classes to elevate skills of each employees.


Fangs has listening boxes for all employees and help to understand needs and comments from employees. This will help us to understand what needs to be fixed and provide a better environment for our employees.

We actively provide and satisfy needs for all our employees. We believe with high-quality working environment is the only way to bring our company to grow and succeed. 



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