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Fangs Bag Taipei, established in 1984, is located in the central part of greater Taipei area, Banqiao Dist., New Taipei City. With over three decades of experience in manufacturing handbags, Fangs Bag has graduately became the leading company in the industry. As the corporate headquarter, Fangs Bag Taipei provides the most direct assistance to all the sub-divisions. 

Cost Analyze Department

Helping Sales departments and Production departments with data analyzation, and to ensure all departments know how to control better in costing. 

Procurement Department

Assisting all Taiwan and international purchasing in order to present best materials for our customers.

Design Department

With experienced designers using multi-resources to work precisely with the Design and Development center to come out with satisfied products.

Accounting Department

Controlling all financial funds of the corporate. It helps every departments able to move forward without worrying about funding.

Human Resource Department

Assisting all departments in finding the most suitable fit for the position needed. 



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