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Fangs Bag Taipei, established in 1984, is located in the central part of greater Taipei area, Banqiao Dist., New Taipei City. With over three decades of experience in manufacturing handbags, Fangs Bag has graduately became the leading company in the industry. As the corporate headquarter, Fangs Bag Taipei provides the most direct assistance to all the sub-divisions. 

Dongguan Chao Fong Hangbag factory is located in the Dongguan, district of world’s factories. The factory was established in 2003 with over twenty thousand square meters. Chao Fong Handbag is the central part of the Fangs corporate. With sales team, purchasing team, design and development team being allocated, it provides direct and premium service to all other divisions in the corporate. 

Due to the rising cost in the coastal area of China, the corporate has established its dream factory in Gangzhou, Jianxi province, First Smart Gangzhou Handbag factory in 2012. First Smart factory has occupied over ninety thousand square meters and has 28 most advanced production lines with two professional wallets production lines. The factory has also input many automated machines that will expedite the production processes and enhance the production efficiency. 

Fangs is recently engaged in the social responsibility; therefore, it has established the state modeled kindergarten and after school programs for the elementary school students for employees. Fangs believes that education is the foundation of the society. Through education, it could bring better welfare of the society and its people.



Fangs with over 30 years of production experiences, using skilled techniques with automated machines, directly and indirectly manufactures various kinds of handbags for international brands. We are familiar with all kinds of basic and special materials to match clients’ design and develop on-season unique handbags. 

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